Friday, January 29, 2010

The End of the World, Ushuaia, Argentina

The most southern tip of whole America, Patagonia is shared by Chile and Argentina.
We arrived in this Argentinian city Ushuaia and this is the end of the world after 2 days of cruise in beautiful Chilean fjords.
29th Jan. 2010
German cruise ship Deutschland is docked before us and they are also doing the world cruise
This used to be a prison for convicts from Spain
It felt like -10C
Cruise ships docked here with us
from the left Silverseas Prince Albert
ms Amsterdam
Ushuaia the Antartic Exploration Ice breaker
The Pier

Lupins are just beautiful !
Main street
Interesting concept !
What kind of penguin is this?

Can I join you three?
This Asado style local BBQ restaurant serves all sort of meats incl. beef, lamb, chicken, cow intestines, Scottish black pudding....
Our dinner table mates
Eloise from Pensacola, Florida, Woody from Atlanta, Barbie from Washington DC, Sky from Oregon and Susie from Atlanta
This seaman is somewhat very familiar to me.
Do I know you from somewhere?

Bye Ushaia!
We are cruising Cape Horn tomorrow!!!
I might need to take seasick pill( x 2) ^^ h h h

Punta Arenas Southern most city of Chile

Chile's most southern city Punta Arenas
Town centre Plaza
This house used to be Sarah Braun's

If you touch this statue's toe, you will come back here again.
No wonder his toe has been polished so much!
Ah! penguin is here !

Park in the plaza was full of stalls selling local arts and crafts
We formed a group of 8 tourists around the plaza and hired a van to see penguin colony
After 1 hour drive from the port, we arrived in this remote farm land on the beach to see these adorable Magelan penguins
It was very cold but penguins seem to enjoy the harsh weather?
Viewing stand
Penguins on the beach can be seen behind the stand
There are about 800 penquins live here for 6 months and leave to elewhere around March but come back to the same burrow
These are baby penguins
Penguins parade.
In front of their burrow.
Bye honey!
I am off to work.
Public cemetry donated by local manor Sarah Braun

Beautifully maintained cyprus trees on the cemetry

These are tombs !
City view from the Cross Hill

This little cafe has the best view in town and the sign on the hoist says Seoul is more than 15,000km from here!

Australia Day Party

Happy Australia Day ¡¡¡
Oi ¡ Oi ¡ Oi ¡
Tai Chi instructor Bron and Rob from Port Macqurie NSW and very patriotic Rhonda from Brisbane wrapped in the flag

We invited 33 people in our suite ¡¡¡
David, Ellen, Larry, Aloise, Bron and happy Greg

Bron, Rob and Hanna & Martha

Carol, Sky, Susie and Barbie

Rhonda is greeting John St. John from California
John, Bill from Denver, Tom from England, Martha, Joan, Diane from CA
Ellen and Larry and Kathy

Say hello from on-board doctor Gisela who lives in Nova Scotia Canada originally from Germany

These are the only Aussies on board
5 passengers and few staff