Friday, February 26, 2010

Animals in action

This 4 wheel drive takes 10 people maximum but we are 7 on each vehicle.
Ponchos and blankets came in handy in this unexpected drizzle and wind

We have sighted Rhinos 4 times out of 6 safari tour

Impalas everywhere!!!


Journey of giraffe

Tower of giraffe when they are stadning up

This thorny bush is giraffe's favourate

Contellation of giraffes when they are parading on horizon

So close to elephant!

It was lion sitting in front of the vehicle!

No, he is just bored.

I was not really scared.
I am a big boy. h h h

A blesbok is also everywhere.

Cheetah cub on tree is a rare sight!

Mama cheetah coming back to her cubs with impala

Mom is watching while her babies are enjoying their dinner!

We went back to cheetahs next morning and they are still there except impala

Our ranger found a tortoise in the bush

Waterhogs on the run

Herd of springbok

Hippos in water.
One of them is just about to yawn

It is very rare to sight Hippos out of water.
We were lucky.

A pair of Waterbuck is also rare to be seen!

A baby Kudu seems to be lost

Picnic in rain also is a pleasure

Herd of Blesbok

Herd of Wildebeest

A Jackal lounging around.
They are usually running around.

It was very nice valley trip

Another day another lion

And lioness and myself

Bunch of Ostrich

Rare animal Eland is the biggest entelope

Sun is rising for our very last safari
We had just exciting trip

The lodge Lalibela

Reception area of Lalibela Game Reserve about 1 hour drive away from Port Elizabeth
African music playing live to welcome tourists in this lounge

Another half an hour drive from the reception, we arrive our camp of 8 chalets

A bar on the left and restaurant on the ground floor.
Weaver bird nests hanging from tree branches.

Very friendly bartenders make interesting local cocktails from Amarula.
Of course, we had lots of South African wine

Wildebeest nibbling my hair

Kathy, Susie, Ralph, Ellen, Greg, Woody, Sue and Heo hanging at the bar after wet safari tour

Our younger rangers and a cook prepared beautiful dinner with game meats

Dinner buffet

Anyone to join me?

Nice lounge with fireplace only for our group!
Our group of 14 from the cruise ship occupied whole camp.

Lalibela African traditional dancers and singers

View of our camp from the pool area built in the valley

Our cosy chalet

Cute balcony built with the valley view

So quiet and tranquil!!!