Sunday, March 28, 2010

Halong bay, Vietnam 26th March

Our cruise ship was sailing through these beautiful lime stone islands early in the morning.
There are 2,000 islands around Halong bay north of Vietnam.
It is listed on UNESCO World Heritage.
Absolutely, it is one of the highlight tours in this voyage.

Mind blowing experience!!!
Sailing through the islands!

Our tour doesn't starts until 1pm and we took tender boat to get to Halong port.
Yet, quiet port lacks milions of tourists but many hotels are spotted.

Junks are awaiting tourists who booked the ship's tour.
We were one of them.
Sailing through the bay and visit one of the island with cave.
Immigration officials coming on board for their paper works!

On the way to the cave, we were on this junk boat just enjoying the beauty of islands!!!

In front of the cave entrance

Quite a surprise for us!
The cave was enormous and beautiful!

The dragon head.
They put the lights in dragon's eyes.

Passengers from our ship, Japanese, Koreans and local Vietnamese tourists are all mixed up.

Traffic jam in between these tourist junk boats was absolutely beyond us.

One of few family lives on this boat selling bananas to tourists

Greg is enjoying his comfy chair on the junk.
Floating houses are behind.

Junks are returning back to the cruise ship

According to our guide, this looks like two cocks are fighting over a fish!

Dessert Extravaganza 25th March

Couple of chocolate fountains await us, but unfortunately, I was having a terrible seasick.

Greg and Sharyn are not affected by rough sea and seem to enjoy the night and sweets!!!

Yes, it was another fornal night!
Shary with Saree style self designed colorful evening gown.

We are the pastry chefs made these tons of sweets.
Please, enjoy.

Saigon Vietnam

We took a ship's tour to Ho chi minh city(ex Saigon)
At the entrance of Unification Palace

A hall with Ho chi minh statue

US Consulate (not an embassy) as the capital is in north Vietnam Hanoi

Does anyone remember this scene from the musical Miss Saigon?

Few receptionist in uniform

This is the famous historic tank that broke into the palace.

So-called 'famous water puppet show'
I was waiting for the show to get better before I take photos. Only realised that the show was already over.

A museum

This water puppet show was performed at the museum

The post office building

Inside the post office building

Notre Dam cathedral in front of the post office building

Behine the cathedral

Greg and a Vietnamese girl

Historic Rex Hotel and beautiful park in the city

French infulenced city's Opera House

Greg is having a great time

Tour was included in this nice Vietnamese lunch at Maxim's

5 course Vietnames meal was delicious!

Lacquer manufacturing factory tour

Cobras in liquor bottles

No body includes the government dare to fix this problem with cable lines!

An artist in laqueur factory getting together with tiny milions of egg shells