Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dubai, UAE 13May14

We went to The Palm today.

Atlantis The Palm Jumeirah Hotel is located on top of the Palm tree
so the access is not so easy.

Taxi driver told us that he is not allowed to
 drop us at the hotel entrance
unless we are the hotel guests.

So we got off at the back of the hotel 
where is on the top of the Palm.

Later we learned that there is a monorail service
from the root of the Palm tree to the hotel.

 Magnificent look of the hotel lobby

 Lobby ceiling

 The Lost Chamber of Aquarium in the hotel

 Vending machine for gold

 Palm Jumeirah's Fronds

 Atlantis Adventure Water Park and the Beach
 The Palm Jumeirah hotel from the monorail

 Villas on the Palm Fronds

 Burj Al Arab Hotel

Suppose there won't be any traffic jam here!
How many lanes are on the road!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Dubai, UAE 12May14

There was no one in line for the airport customs
and the process was smooth as
it was nearly midnight 
when we arrived in Dubai.

Emirates' contracted limousine driver 
picked us up at Dubai Airport.

It took only 15 minutes to Taj Palace hotel we stay for 3 nights.
Nice hotel and the room was huge!

We took a complimentary shuttle bus organised by hotel
and went to the Dubai Mall.

The biggest shopping mall in the world with 1200 shops!


I managed to get a ticket and went up to the observation deck
to the tallest building in the world. (828m, 163 floors)

Burj Khalifa

Views from the observation deck located on 124th floor

Souk in the mall

 Inside the Dubai Mall.

The Aquarium in the mall was the biggest 
Aquarium in the world
until China took the record in April 2014.

Man made lake out side of the mall


We also went to the Mall of Emirates 
where world famous indoor ski slope is.

Lovely meal we had in the mall's restaurant.
They were delicious! ^^

Emirates Air, Rome to Dubai 12May14

Complimentary limousine picked us up at the hotel and
drove us to the Rome airport as part of Emirates Air service.

Wish the middle-aged Italian driver was more friendly, though.

 My favourite furniture finishing Berl
 Like the idea of having my own minibar and iPad

 Seating arrangement was like zig zag so that 
every one has own space for feet on a flat bed
 Could not believe how many selection (200) of 
recent international movies offered in the plane

 In flight food was satisfactory and service was flawless.
I would recommend it to anyone and fly Emirates again!