Wednesday, June 15, 2016

End of the 2016 World Grand Voyage on ms Amsterdam

Finally, we are docked in Port Everglades, 
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
after cruising around the world in 4 months.

Even though it is for 2 months voyage for us 
by joining it from Hong Kong,
We are all ending here where the cruise started.

We have had so many wonderful and exotic
ports and countries visited,
so many new friends we made and
kept up with old ones
as well as ever smiley nice crew...on board.

Needless to mention about 
how we have been spoilt by great service.

It all came to an end, sadly...

It was about 8 am when
we were ready to disembark after
early breakfast.
We were waiting for the announcement
for our turn to walk down the ship.

We were standing by the balcony 
and looking over busy people on the pier
unloading our luggages
and loading products for it's next itinerary.

It is a busy port with other cruises
from the Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

We checked into a hotel on the beach
after disembarkation process which
I would describe as smooth as...

Quick and efficient immigrations
and finding our luggages
before getting into a taxi.

The view from our hotel window is quite impressive.

We are going to get on board another cruise ship
tomorrow morning.

It is Allure of the Seas, Royal Caribbean which
is nearly 4 times bigger tonnage 
and about 5 times more passenger capacity
than the ms Amsterdam that we have been on.

It's capacity is for more than 
6200 passengers
plus 2200 crew!

It is the biggest cruise ship ever!
Well, it was 
until that record was broken just one month ago
by another new mega ship from Royal Caribbean.

Harmony of the seas (227000 Ton) is 
about 2 mitres longer 
than the Allure of the Seas( 225000 Ton). 

Friends on board strongly recommended us to this
Italian restaurant in Fort Lauderdale
and have made an on-line booking for us tonight.

It is called 'Anthony's Runway 84'.
It's interior decor is also
just like inside of an airplane.

They served us complimentary 
huge salad and mussel dish
when we ordered main dishes.

We were so surprised how packed it was!
Bothe inside and out!
It must be quite well settled and
popular venue for locals.

Veal dish

Spaghetti with meat ball.

We were so looking forward to having
totally new experience on Royal Caribbean cruise
tomorrow even if it was just for one week.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

One last week on board before return to Ft. Lauderdale

 Funchal, Portugal was our very last port of call
as we were sailing away to Atlantic sea.

We have 7 days at sea before the ship
returns to Fort Lauderdale where she started
about 4 months ago.

Passengers already start talking about
packing and organising farewell get together 
lunches and dinners and so on...

After few months of being spoilt
by not doing any domestic works,
no one really wants to get off the ship
and go home where reality resides.

One week at sea also can be boring
even if there are numerous daily activities are on.

In the meantime, there has been
a couple of special events nicely done 
so that passengers can remember for long.

One of them was lavish
Grand Buffet lunch.


Bread and pretzel

Asparagus wrapped in roasted beef

Flowers made of beet roots and carrots

A bird cage made out of a pumpkin

Ice carving art work and a tower of king shrimps 

Leaning tower of Pisa is a dessert today.

Chef George has been very popular among passengers
as he always put big smile on his face.

Caviar is very generous today, too.

A turkey made out of vegetables

Chocolate fountain with fruit kebabs

Assorted cakes and sweets

Another fountain with white chocolate

Lobster tails galore!

Lamb cutlets

Our dear old friend Tina is manager of 
Pinnacle Grill restaurant on board.

I am sure that no one leaves hungry
after this big lunch.


The other one was our last Gala night
under the theme of Mask.

Having a great time

Holland America dancers and singers are 
also joining the big party

One last party we will never forget
and friendships
 that can last life time.

There are so many cruise liners offer
great services and excellent products
the one that makes it really different 
has be
Fellow passengers and crew
who became close friends over the years
of cruising together...

It is sad time to depart now but
we will meet again soon
on a next cruise!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Funchal, Madeira, our last port of call

There was one sea day in between 
our last port Cadiz, Spain and
Portuguese port of Funchal, Madeira
where we docked early this morning.

Sunrise from our balcony was beautiful.

View of Funchal from the ship

It is about half an hour walk 
from the ship to town centre.
And there were complimentary 
shuttle buses running every 30 minutes as well.

We knew there is a local market near
cable car station to the top of mountain.

Fish monger with big knife in the market.

Madeira is famous for it's dessert wine and cake 
as well as abundant of beautiful flowers.

Popular port for cruise liners
before or after Atlantic cross
as this port would be the first stop
from America to Europe.

A narrow alley with full of local seafood restaurants.

Love the perfume of Freesia

Authentic and delicious
Portuguese Tarts and Cafe Latte,
we always have these 
whenever we are in this port.

I found this lovely garden set near the casino
as I walked up to a hillside.
Sometimes, it is nice to be lost
to find something new in foreign country.

I don't gamble...^^

Ronaldo was born here.
World's one of the biggest sports star.

There will be 7 sea days 
after this port
we reach our final destination,
Fort Lauderdale where
this Grand World Voyage
comes to an end.