Monday, October 2, 2017

Butchart Gardens, Victoria - Eurodam, Alaska Cruise

Victoria, capital of British Columbia, Canada.
Our 4th and the last port of call 
before going back to Seattle to finish our Alaskan cruise.

This is my virgin port but we decided to take a ship's tour
instead of city sightseeing.
I didn't want to miss the opportunity 
to see the beautiful garden here.

Butchart Gardens!

We arrived at 5pm and were given 6 hours here.
I could see the garden both by day and night! ^^

Sunken garden

Totem poles

Japanese garden

 Rose garden

Italian garden

 Sunken garden by night.


Fairmont Empress hotel

Thanks for the short city tour by our guide/driver 
which wasn't in our planned itinerary.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Dolly's House, once popular brothel in Ketchikan, Alaska

There were 5 other cruise liners docked in Ketchikan.
More than 10,000 passengers and crew 
are visiting this small town today.

Creek Street.
The cutest red light district?

Probably but was once.

Dolly's House was the most popular
brothel in early century
and became a museum nowadays.

Creek Street is conveniently only a stone throw away from the cruise ship.

We saw few salmon leaping up against this small rapid.

Just like a scene from National Geographic TV!

Must be a horror movie for animal activists!

Wild smoked salmon free sample time!

Very lucky with weather again.
Couldn't leave the town without having a coffee
in this sunny beautiful day in Alaska!