Monday, May 29, 2017

Wonderful Dubai Mall, world's biggest..

One can't leave Dubai without checking out
the world's biggest shopping mall by total area!

There are 1,200 shops but they are building more to add to it!

The tallest Burj Khalifa building in the mall 

One of the malls where you can enjoy window shopping 
for the most luxurious items for both men and women.

Fashion Avenue with all the top fashion brands can be found in the mall

Fountain show every half an hour with beautiful music as a background.

New landmark for the mall is
Dubai Opera 

This sweet shop Bateel offers big variety of dates and fine chocolates.

Lebanese restaurant we had dinner in our previous visit.
We came here again for the great middle eastern food.
We could still enjoy the fountain show while dinning!

They are all delicious!

Level Shoes!

The largest shoe store in the world?
Most probably and 
definitely the most outrageous and
 luxurious designs with top prices!!!

Beautiful fresh flowers around the shop entrance door.
How nice!


And the Souk where all the glittering gold and 
diamonds jewelries displayed is also part of the mall.

Pure pleasure for eyes by just window shopping.
Love coming here every time...^^

Dubai The Palm Jumeirah from a cruise and HOHO bus

Today, we explored the Palm in both on land and sea.

Hop on Hop off bus as well as 
HOHO cruise on boat were already
 included in our package!

We have visited Dubai few times but 
this is our first HOHO bus experience.
Probably this is the best value for money
as there are so many different routes incl. boat.

Driving into the Palm.

The Palm Jumeirah Hotel 

A view of so call 7 star hotel
Burj Al Arab in a distance 

There are rows of luxury houses like these 
built on fronds of the palm.

Magnificent view of Dubai Marina 

New landmark of the Marina area is this twisted building on the right.

Top fronds of the Palm were full of luxury homes and international hotels
on both left and right hand sides of the Palm Jumeirah hotel.

Getting on board for one hour cruise inside the Palm.