Monday, May 22, 2017

Singapore - New National Gallery and Finger licking good Pepper crab

Our second port was Laemchabang, Thailand.

This industrial port is gateway for Bangkok but
it would take more than 3 hours by bus 
 depends on its notorious heavy traffic.

We decided to go to Pattaya this time.
It only takes about 45 minutes by free shuttle bus ran from the port.

But it started raining when we got there and would not stop.
So it was rather disappointed day but we made the most out of it.
We had massages incl. facial, manicures and pedicures for few hours
followed by nice local authentic lunch.

Singapore Marina Bay cruise terminal.

It has been Harbour Front cruise terminal next to Sentosa island
when we visited this city by cruise ships in recent years but this time
we docked at Marina Bay cruise terminal.

A pilot is climbing on our cruise ship from pilot boat.

Our cruise ship's bridge and passengers on the Outlook on deck 12

Heading to the metro station from the cruise terminal.

Mellben seafood restaurant in Ang mo kio neighbourhood.

A Singaporean friends in Sydney recommended us to try this restaurant 
when we told him that we love Singaporean chilli and pepper crab.

He was right!
We will come again next time when in Singapore.

Kang kung (morning glory), my favourite Asian vegetable dish.

Fried rice with prawn.

We actually ordered Pepper Crab that became our new favourite.

It is much better than chilli crab we used to enjoy 
and this pepper crab was far better than anywhere else in the city.

We went to the National Gallery which used to be
supreme court and city hall buildings.

There is a guided tour that we took.
A middle aged American lady who has been a resident
for 7 years is our guide today.
She was quite enthusiastic but I was busy taking photos...hehe

This room used to be a court room.

Highlight for this tour for me was this view!!!

Absolutely panoramic beautiful view of Marina bay.

This UFO look alike building is new supreme court
which is right next to the National Gallery.

A hall used to be a part of the city hall.

There were thousands of art works displayed
in the gallery by mainly local artists.
From classic to modern arts.

A model of the National Gallery.

We arrived in Singapore about 2pm but it was an overnight port.

We sailed away about 4pm next day after browsing around
Orchard Road for window shopping and nice local lunch.

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